U.S. Based, English Speaking, Beautiful and Intelligent Virtual Assistants Programmed To Please and Help Executives Succeed
Part-Time Work Wifey Plan I From $499 Per Month Up To 20 Hours Per Week
U.S. Based, English Speaking, Beautiful and Intelligent Virtual Assistants Programmed To Please and Help Executives Succeed
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The Future of Human Connection and Intimacy

Virtual Wifey XO, Rhonda Coleman Albazie Hosts V.I.P. Club Intimacy for Intimacy Aficionados In Aspen, Beverly Hills, New York, London and Zurich and virtually at VirtualWifeyXO.com too for cognitively flexible beings who have the capacity, motivation and desire to achieve self-expansion in the realms of intimacy, love, sex and thriving marriage or other sustainable relationships. Club Intimacy is the future of human connection, intimacy, touch tech, sexual self-expansion, smart sex and erotic empowerment.

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VIP Club Intimacy Parties

VIP Club Intimacy provides a positive, healthy, non-judgmental, exhilarating environment conducive to intimacy, human connection, freedom, discovery, adult play and the prevention of skin hunger and loneliness. * * * Ski chalet parties, yachting, picnics and polo, togas, Gatsby galas, masquerade mixers, pajama slumber shows, cuddle club pop ups, art installations, tastings, lovers lofts, beach lounges and erotica are some of the fulfillment you'll find at VIP Club Intimacy. * * * Our events are corporate executive friendly, ethically and morally appropriate, pro erotica, non-pornographic and wellness optimized infusing oxytocin, reducing stress, increasing feelings of belonging, purpose, improved self worth and confidence. VIP Club Intimacy delivers social connection designed to cultivate love, induce enhanced happiness, optimize physical health, lower anxiety and depression, elevate mental and emotional well being, prevent loneliness and create longer, sustainable life. * * * Due to the forces of globalization and the dizzying pace of technological advancement many adults confuse sex, porn, moral depravity and vice with intimacy resulting in feeling even more disconnected, lonely, depressed and anxious. * * * Intimacy, authenticity, vulnerability, human connection, touch, sensual pleasure and erotic literary or artistic works (not pornography) are not vices nor acts to be ashamed of. In fact these are the keys to unlock potential to growth, achieve higher self, transcend the human condition and become the best version of yourself. When you reach this plateau not only will you have more to offer, you will also find that making connections with higher quality beings is effortless, more rewarding and sustainble. * * * Discover the deep intimacy, new friends, authenticity, vulnerability, trust, touch, self-expansion, inspiration, empowerment, purpose and nurturing of the body, mind and soul through the profound connection that you've been missing at #VIPClubIntimacy.

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Get up close and intimate

The most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves. Start a profound and passionate love affair by transforming yourself, first. Come and join us to experience deep emotional and sexual intimacy, love, sexuality of masculine and feminine play. Learn more about the power of human connection, intimacy, vulnerability, authenticity, acceptance and more at Virutal Wifey XO's Intimacy Workshops and VIP Club Intimacy Couples and Singles Intimacy Retreats.Offering Virtual Intimacy Workshops and Intimacy Coaching until Summer 2021 when we will resume our regular Intimacy Events.

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The ultimate destination for insight, futuristic forecasting, trends, touch tech, empirical research and exceptional experiential human connection is V.I.P. Club Intimacy. Come to explore the full potential of the power of human connection and become the very best version of yourself.

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Rhonda Albazie

Founder, Virtual Wifey and Wifey XO, Intimacy Connoisseur and Coach, Touch Tech Innovator, Author of Science of Oral Pleasure and Smart Sex, Marital Sex Protocol


Wifey Meets Hubby Private Client Group Matchmaker


Wifey SEXpert and Touch Tech Contributor at Virtual Wifey


Concierge Husband Care Director and Intimacy Analyst at Virtual Wifey


Socialite Wifey and Intimacy Curator at Virtual Wifey

Wifey Meets Hubby Online Dating, Concierge Matchmaking and Curated Matches


OB-GYN and Women's Sexual Health Expert

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